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Today I’ve got Smokey Cherry from The Vapor Co. I couldn’t find this one on their site even though I only bought it a couple months ago… I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be a cherry tobacco flavor, otherwise I don’t know why it would be named smokey cherry.

I’ve got it at 24 mg in a house blend.

First Impressions

This juice has an opaque red color and really doesn’t carry a strong scent in the bottle although I can get just a faint whiff of cherry.

Flavor-wise, I wasn’t expecting much from this juice to begin with. It has a very light flavor, which actually kind of surprised me. It has kind of a slight perfume/medicinal/cough drop type of cherry flavor on the inhale, and the exhale is very smooth and light. Normally I really don’t care for any kind of medicinal or floral/perfume notes, but in this case they are so light that they actually make kind of a nice accent.

Additionally, the crazy thing about this juice is that even though the flavor is really nothing special, the juice itself vapes great. The throat hit is extremely strong and consistent, it doesn’t vape dry at all despite not having a lot of flavor, and it puts out a ton of vapor.

The Bottom Line

Taste. There’s really just not a lot to talk about in terms of taste at all. If this is supposed to be a tobacco vape, I don’t get much tobacco. The only thing I really taste is a slight burst of cherry on the inhale that doesn’t taste particularly good, although it doesn’t taste bad either. The exhale is super smooth and really doesn’t have a lot of flavor except for a tickle of cherry on the tongue at the very end.

True to Description. There’s no formal description so I really have no idea what this juice is supposed to specifically be, but I am basically assuming cherry tobacco. I do get the cherry and while it is not exactly the most delicious cherry flavor ever, there’s something about it that keeps me coming back. It really doesn’t have much tobacco flavor, but the way it vapes kind of reminds me of a tobacco experience – so while I don’t taste any tobacco to speak of and it certainly isn’t smokey, it still works.

Throat Hit. This is pretty much EXACTLY how I want a juice to hit. It has a perfectly consistent throat hit every single time. No matter how long I vape it, it keeps on kicking and it keeps me coming back.

Quality of Vape. This might be one of the most unusual juices I’ve ever reviewed. Even though there is absolutely nothing remarkable about the flavor, it vapes so well that I haven’t been able to put it down. In a way, it actually kind of reminds me of traditional smoking in a way that not a lot of other juices do. The throat hit and vapor production are both brilliant, and the cherry flavor is dialed back enough where it is more of an accent and even though it isn’t the most tasty cherry flavor in the world, it strangely works really well in this vape.

Overall. I really was not expecting a lot out of this juice, and the more I vape it, the more I like it. I would look at this as a perfect all-purpose juice. I mean, let’s face it – when we were smokers, we really weren’t choosing cigarettes that much based on flavor. This is kind of the same thing- it really doesn’t taste great at all, but it performs remarkably well and actually provides a great overall vaping experience. This would be perfect to take with you on the go when you’re going to be vaping all day and performance is more of an issue than flavor is. This is the kind of juice you want to have around when you feel like having a smoke. There’s no frills, no candy flavor, just straight up vaping goodness. I was really surprised by this one, and I hope they end up bringing it back in stock.


The Vapor Co: Smokey Cherry
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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