3D Clone – Nemeis Hybrid Dripper Review


Ok, it’s been a couple weeks since I gave you my tutorial on how to coil your 3D, now it’s time for the review.

I already kind of went over how this works in the tutorial, but I’ll give you a quick refresher on it.

The 3D is a dripping atomizer designed to screw directly into your Nemesis to make it a hybrid.

Additionally, it features a small tank below the atomizer deck. The atomizer uses a plunger system where you press on the top cap to plunge the atomizer deck down into the tank, allowing your wick to get saturated with liquid. This eliminates the need for any dripping at all through the top.

It features a 3 post setup. Rather than using post holes, it has washers between the screws at the top for you to fasten your coils into. I have no problem at all using thick kanthal builds on this device.

It also has 3 different holes for airflow. You can only get a single hole open at a time without extra modification.

Here’s a picture of the guts:


What I DIDN’T like about the 3D Clone

Ok the biggest issue I’ve had by far with this thing is that the silver pin is too long for a lot of batteries – I have used MNKE and the purple Efest 18650 batteries in here and the pin is too long for both. Now at first, I found that I could still get everything to fit together by tightening the tubes down really hard. What I found is that by doing this, the pin ended up pushing in the contact on the battery, which still worked, but then the contact on the battery became so compressed that it wouldn’t work on my primary charger. Plus I don’t think it’s a good idea to mess with that kind of stuff anyway. Alternatively, I can also get it to work by WAY unscrewing the bottom firing button. This is the better option, but I really don’t like that either.

Another issue is filling the tank. There are 2 different ways I have done this. One way is to unscrew the fill hole screw in the atty deck and fill directly from the bottle. This is OK, however it would be kind of a pain in the ass to keep refilling it like that every time. The second way is to remove the drip tip, then plunge the atty deck into the tank and while it is plunged, fill it with liquid, then when you release the deck, the liquid should all get sucked into the tank. This is the primary way I do it and it is quick and easy, however it is tough to determine how much liquid to add and no matter how much I add, it usually ends up leaking out some liquid. Not a huge deal, but kind of a bitch.

Last, I really don’t care for the graphics on the piece at all. The 3D logo in particular really does not look good in my opinion.

What I DID like about the 3D clone

I think this is an incredibly innovative device, and it basically works flawlessly, exactly as intended.

The plunger system works perfectly as long as you keep juice in the tank. It makes this a perfect dripper to use in the car or in other situations where manual dripping from a bottle isn’t practical. In fact, it works so well, I’m really surprised we haven’t seen more atomizers come out with this functionality because it really makes dripping FAR easier. I could see this working great on a 26650 RDA, where the extra diameter will translate great to extra tank space.

Aside from the length of the pin, everything else works great. The plunger works perfectly. The airholes are easy to adjust. All the threading is spot on. Across the board, I think the overall quality is awesome.

Additionally, this device has a silver plated contact pin for extra conductivity.

From a performance standpoint, I get a near perfect hit from this device. It hits hard and produces a ton of vapor. I use the largest airhole with a single coil, and it is spot-on perfect.

Who is it good for?

You’ve got to be a fan of drippers to appreciate this one. If you’re like me and have spent tons of time dripping manually from a bottle, you will immediately appreciate the genius behind this device. It really does work exactly as intended, and it really does make dripping hassle-free.

Additionally, this is great if you spend a lot of time driving and don’t want to risk causing an accident every time you drip. It would also be great if you have an active job and can’t easily stop to drip. Pretty much any time where dripping would be an inconvenience, this is a perfect device to have.

Where to buy?

I bought from Fasttech here for about $11

Do I use it?

Yes. I love this device. I took it camping with me and it worked great all weekend. I also like it for driving and for disc golf  – all situations where I don’t always have time to manually drip. It’s a lifesaver in these situations!

My ideal setup

I run a single .8 ohm coil of 28 gauge twisted kanthal using the largest airhole. You can read my tutorial on how to coil your 3D to find out exactly how I set it up.

The Bottom Line

Quality. I have absolutely no issues with the quality on this piece. It uses a silver contact which is great and promotes better conductivity. It has excellent screws with washers on the posts that make it super easy to rig up fatter kanthal coils. The threading is spot on.

Performance. This thing is a serious heavy hitter. I get some amazing throat hit off this device, and I have no problem generating thick, dense clouds with the basic stock airhole.

Ease of Use. In general, this is an easy device to use. The first time you look at it, it may seem daunting but once you build a coil you will see it is super easy to setup and maintain. Screwing/unscrewing the fill hole in the atty deck is kind of a bitch – and once I unscrewed it I had a pretty hard time getting it back in. That said, you really never need to unscrew it at all because you can just use the alternative filling method I mentioned above instead.

Appearance. It’s not the prettiest pig in the pen. The engravings really suck – they look blocky and amateurish. It’s also a fairly large and clunky device. I have this running on my copper nemesis right now and it looks like actual shit. It looks nice on my stainless nemesis and I’m pretty sure it would look ok on any mixed nemesis, but it really doesn’t look good on the all copper version.

Price. I just noticed they shaved about $3 off the price since I ordered it, so now you can pick it up for around $11. Of course you will also need to have a Nemesis in order to use it, but by this time I figure most of us have at least 1 Nemesis, and if you don’t you could probably benefit from picking one up anyway. So for $11, I think this is an amazing deal. It’s one of the best RDAs out there right now, IMO in terms of performance and ease of use and you simply can’t beat it for the price.

Overall. I wish my Nemesis itself worked as good and consistent as the 3D did. I’m always having to fumble around tightening tubes and messing with the firing button and locking switch on the Nemesis, but the 3D never seems to give me any problems at all. It just works perfectly every single time – which I love! It really makes dripping SO much easier, and the performance is actually superior to a lot of my other RDAs – even other ones that I really like. The concept is bordering on revolutionary. I think this design could be tightened up a little bit and then easily applied in the form of all kinds of new RDAs.

Overall, I really love this piece. I use it all the time. It’s super easy, works flawlessly and has amazing performance – and most importantly, the price is right!

3D Clone – Nemeis Hybrid Dripper Review
Ease of Use

3 comments on “3D Clone – Nemeis Hybrid Dripper Review

  1. dani says:

    Do you think it would be possible to file down or shorten the pin in some way so that it doesn’t push in the contact on the battery? I’m really interested in this setup, I figured it would be better than my rdas when I’m out and about, when constantly dripping would be inconvenient.

  2. dani says:

    Ok, i decided to go ahead and get this, what do you recommend, tightening it down super hard, or not screwing the bottom all the way? I use either the green Sony vtc5, or efest imr 1600 mah. Does tightening it all the way down completely ruin your batteries? I use the nite core Intelicharger. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • sam says:

      Hey Dani,

      So that is the one tricky thing about this device. I used a MNKE battery in mine and it was too big. What I did was forcefully tighten it down, and it technically worked, however what happened was the pin indented the top of the battery.

      Like I said, it still worked after doing that, but for one thing I’m not totally sure if that is safe, and second, the battery would no longer work in one of my chargers (it still worked in my other charger).

      So really your options are – try a different battery. Some like the MNKE are on the larger side of 18650, and I have a feeling that some flat top 18650s would fit.

      Better option is probably to grind down the center pin a little bit. If you pick up a cheap dremel tool you should be able to do it pretty easily, and the tool is handy for a variety of other things as well.

      Either way it’s a pain, but it’s worth the effort because this is a great piece overall.

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