Alice in Vapeland: Mystic Mandalime Review


Mandarin Orange and Lime… Two flavors that I wouldn’t have thought to ever put together, but sound absolutely delicious. I was more than interested in putting this one through the ringer. Here’s what they say about it:

An exotic breeze of mandarin and lime, to whisk your senses to far off lands . . Enjoy the sweet tartness of these two flavors together! Taste the sweetness of the delightful mandarin, and then the spicy hit of the bold lime.

I’ve got it at 18mg in a house blend.

First Impressions

This juice has a clear color to it and smells like the AIV base in the bottle.

I’ve been noticing a lot lately how many juices from certain vendors seem to share a common “base” flavor, regardless of the overall flavor profile. This is another one of those juices. When I first tried it, I could tell right away it was an AIV vape just because it had that same familiar flavor that a lot of other juices I’ve tried from them have.  The closest thing I can really compare it to is fabric softener. This juice definitely had a strong presence of their base flavor, but it unfortunately overpowered the other elements and the overall flavor fell pretty short of the amazing sounding description.

The Bottom Line

Taste.  I was not impressed with the flavor of this juice at all. It tastes just like their base, with a bit of orange mixed in. In fact, I would say this one pretty much tastes identical to their Orange Creamsicle which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.  The only flavor I get besides the base is the orange, and it is fairly light and there’s nothing extraordinary about it. I didn’t get much of a citrus kick at all, which would have been nice and considering it is an all-citrus vape, it was noticeably lacking in zest.

True to Description. As excited as I was to try this one out, I was equally disappointed that it wasn’t even close at all to tasting as described. The orange flavor was totally ordinary, light and didn’t have anything special about it at all. I didn’t get even a trace of lime and there was not spark of acidity to make the whole thing pop. Unfortunately I didn’t think this one was close at all.

Throat Hit. The bright spot here is that it really does hit quite well for an 18mg juice. I actually really wish the flavor were better, because this juice is actually quite vapable just on performance alone and some nice flavor would have been all that was needed to push it into the realm of being a good juice.

Quality of Vape. The flavor component really ruined it for me. It left me with more of a fabric softener taste in my mouth than anything else. I really love a good citrus vape for the zest it can provide that can really make a juice pop. This juice completely lacked any of that zest and was really quite unremarkable tasting. Too bad, because the throat hit and vapor were both good enough that I actually still vaped this one for a while despite not liking the taste at all.

Overall. I would love to try this flavor combo from a different vendor because I think it sounds excellent. Unfortunately this one just did not live up to it’s billing and it is a mediocre orange flavor at its absolute best. There are many better options out there if you want to get your citrus fix, this one is just not even close.

Not Recommended.

Check it out here:

Alice in Vapeland: Mystic Mandalime Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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