Azure Vaping: Apricot Blossom Review


After vaping over 300 different liquids, one flavor that I have never tried before as an e-liquid is Apricot. Today I’ve got Apricot Blossom by Azure. Here’s what they say about it:

Floral blends are one of the most difficult flavors to get right but we think you’ll agree: Apricot Blossom hits all the right keys. Sweet notes of fruitiness dominate while subtle hints of floral aroma fill in the gaps.

I’ve got it at 16mg in an 80% PG blend.

First Impressions

This juice has a very slight yellow tinge to it and smells strongly of apricot in the bottle.

I was VERY impressed with the flavor on this one. It’s packed with thick and juice, full flavor that is accurate and consistent throughout the vape. The performance is also great – particularly the vapor production which is quite excellent for a low VG blend.

The Bottom Line

Taste. It actually tastes pretty much like you would expect it to. It has the thick, juicy flavor of a nice ripe apricot. For an Azure juice, I was particularly impressed by how full and wet this flavor is – often their juices tend to be on the dry and light side, so this was an excellent surprise.  The flavor is pretty well balanced from start to finish and really all you get is a perfectly accurate, pure apricot flavor. Very nice.

True to Description. What can I say, they completely hit the mark with this one. It really does taste exactly like apricot and it has the performance to back it up.

Throat Hit. At 16mg, I am totally satisfied with the throat hit on this juice. It’s hitting exactly where I would like to see it.

Quality of Vape. This is really a very impressive all around vape. The flavor is thick and juicy and tastes totally as described. Performance is equally good with a hell of a kick for a 16mg juice and very nice vapor production. If you like apricot, there is no doubt in my mind you will love this juice.

Overall. I’m glad I finally got a chance to try an apricot flavor. This is a nice change of pace from the usual fruit vapes I sample, and I like the fact that they were able to make it scary-accurate. The flavor is nice and full and there’s no trace of their base flavor or any unwanted artificial notes. Overall this is a very nice juice at a great price.


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Azure Vaping: Apricot Blossom Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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