Copper 18650 Stingray Clone: $25 Shipped


I already own 1 stingray clone in brass that I absolutely love, but this one really appears to be “next-level”. There are a ton of various Stingray clones out there right now, but I think this is one of the best for several reasons. First off, it has the same great magnetic switch with silver contacts that my current clone has. Additionally, this one only has 1 tube for 18650 mode, which is the way it should be IMO. Now you won’t have to worry about a seam in the middle of your mod from multiple tubes coming together. Additionally, it has mixed stainless embellishments, which I actually prefer over solid copper because it will make it easier to match this up with a stainless atty, rather than trying to run a stainless atty on an all copper mod, which never ends well.

Overall, this thing is an absolute beauty and totally worth it for the price, IMO.

Click Here to buy for $25 with free international shipping. 

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