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About this time last year, maybe a little earlier, I was looking at buying my first high-end mech mod. The two I was considering were the Paps and the Poldaic. I ultimately ended up going for the Poldaic, but always wondered what the GP Paps would have been like. I finally, sort of, got my chance when the Paps clones came out a couple of months ago, and I was more excited than I normally would be to try out a new mech.

I decided to lead off with the FT picture because my is so crazy-tarnished right now that it might scare people off. LOL. Here’s what the real thing looks like – just to prove I actually have one and I’m not just making all this stuff up:


That is one hell of a patina. LOL.

At any rate, the GP Paps clone is a fairly standard mech mod. It’s got a nice 22mm diameter, which I personally prefer and this particular one ONLY comes with a single 18650 tube, which I also prefer. It has a non-reverse threaded locking mechanism, brass contacts and uses a spring for the button rather than a magnet. The top cap has grooves for airflow for all you old-school protank users out there.

What I DIDN’T like about the GP Paps Clone

The biggest thing by far I didn’t like about this was the brass contacts. Now as the hierarchy goes, brass would be my third choice over copper and silver plate – assuming there aren’t any even cooler fancy options available. I can live with brass contacts but I really prefer silver or brass.

Now I recently got a voltometer to test voltage drop, and this was my first victim. I put in a MNKE that my charger said had a 4 volt output, and on the Paps, the output was reading at 3.9. Since I can’t get the next decimal over on either, it’s tough to say for sure, but obviously there is a small bit of voltage drop there.  Probably not enough to make a huge difference, but enough to make me want to test more on other devices to get a better feel.

Aside from that, the firing button is slightly recessed and there are small tabs around the bottom base to keep it from firing when upright. Personally I don’t really trust them because it doesn’t completely stand up straight when I have it upright which tells me that it is partly resting on the button. Now I have stood this up straight with atomizers attached, unlocked before and haven’t had any crazy problems, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it unattended like that. So another minor problem, but not a huge issue if you take basic precautions.

Last thing – I have kind of a love-hate relationship with the locking mechanism. When I first started using the Paps, the locking mechanism worked flawlessly. As time went on I noticed more problems with the threading getting stuck one way or the other, making it just as much of a bitch to lock as pretty much any other mech. So this started out as a really strong point, and ended as kind of a disappointment.

What I DID like about the GP Paps Clone

The overall look and feel is beautiful. When you first get this thing and it’s all nice and polished, it looks practically like it’s made of solid gold. Of course unless you keep up with polishing, the beautiful shine will last about as long as it takes to get a battery in it and an atty connected. Still, it is a beautiful looking piece.  The steel accents also are a really nice touch and make it so you can use either brass or steel mods and they will look great either way. As much as I like full brass or copper, if you don’t have a full brass or copper atty to accompany it, it usually looks awkward. No worrying about that with the Paps.

Unlike other mechs, it doesn’t have any ugly or offensive engravings. It does have a small logo at the very bottom that you can hardly see. I personally think it aids in giving this thing a really nice, clean look.

Also, in terms of both appearance and ease-of-use, it only has a single 18650 tube. Appearance-wise, that means no stupid seam in the middle of your mod. I really appreciate that a LOT. Ease-of-use-wise, it means a lot less fumbling around with tubes to get it configured off the bat. You can literally take this thing out of the package, pop in any 18650 and go. I love it.

As far as the button goes, it’s a spring loaded switch, but I have to say it is by far the best spring loaded mech I have ever used. The button works absolutely perfect every time- in fact I actually had to go back and double check to see if the switch was spring or magnet. Really, I would take this button over just about any other firing button out there right now. It is that nice.

Who is it good for?

This is a GREAT starter mod. It has a lot of nice features and takes no time at all to set up out of the box. You can pair it with just about any atomizer. The locking mechanism isn’t perfect, but I still like it a lot better than most mechs. The button is awesome and the fact that it only uses a single tube is seriously such a nice feature.

For a more advanced user, there’s nothing really unique about this mod, and there is some potential voltage drop, although it honestly hasn’t bothered me at all. It’s great if you don’t have a brass mech yet and you need one to pair with your atties.

Where to buy?

I got mine from Fasttech for $15 with free international shipping.

Do I use it?

I have actually used this quite a bit. I took it camping once and have used it playing disc golf quite a few times. The size is absolutely perfect and I like it for pairing with brass atomizers. Between this one and my brass Stingray, it’s a toss-up which one I like better. I honestly really like them both.

The Bottom Line

Quality. I’m really happy with the overall quality of this thing. For a mech with a spring button, it has never caused me a single bit of trouble. Everything seems to be very well made. The ONLY issue I have with it is the brass contacts. If this had copper contacts it would easily beat out my Stingray as my go-to brass mech.

Performance. I did get a slight bit of voltage drop, but I think it is pretty inconsequential. I have never noticed any performance issues with this thing at all, and in fact I have had some setups on here that hit like an absolute beast, so I’m not really worried about it. Still, if you are super anal about voltage drop, you probably want something with different contacts.

Ease of Use. I love the ease of use on this piece. The single-tube setup makes it SO much easier than the stupid multiple tubes that almost every mech has these days. I never use 18500 or 18350 batteries in mechs anyway, so the fact that it isn’t an option here doesn’t bother me in the least – in fact I prefer it. The locking mechanism really is pretty easy to use – you mostly just have to make sure you don’t screw down the threading too tight one way or the other. Usually easier said than done, but most of the time the lock works really well for me – and in fact much better than the lock on many other mechs.

Appearance. I love the way this one looks. I really don’t care much for a bunch of steampunk bullshit all over my mech, or crazy demons or chinese characters engraved into the side. I like a simple, clean and elegant look and that is exactly what you get with the Paps. Of course I also have a pesky habit of NEVER polishing my mods, but brass mods like this can look good with a nice patina too (note, my paps in the picture above does not have a “nice” patina. I think it had juice on it for too long or something).

Price. $15 bucks – for this price, I think this is one of the best mechs you can get. I used to like the JM clone in this price range but honestly I think the Paps is just as good, if not better. Particularly if you don’t get the JM with silver contacts. The Paps feels a lot more sturdy to me and I think it looks better. Compared to my Stingray – they are both very similar and the Stingray costed me nearly twice as much. I think it’s a great value for the money.

Overall. This is a great mech. When I first was using it and hadn’t had any issues with the locking ring, I thought this might have been the closest thing to perfect I had seen yet from a mech. After I did finally encounter some challenges with the lock, I had to re-categorize this as more of a great-value-for-the-money type of mod. It doesn’t have any super fancy bells and whistles, but it looks clean and works great. For $15 it definitely is the best brass mech I have come across so far.

GP Paps Clone Review
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