Lotus RDA Clone Review


The Lotus clone is a rebuildable dripping atomizer, and also happens to be one of the most unusual atomizers currently available. It features a very noticeable brass airflow ring. The airflow is only on one side, however there is additional optional bottom airflow you can enable as well – something I have never seen on any other atty before. What’s even more unusual is the 4 post setup in a Y formation – I guess the point is for doing a triple coil setup, but you can do all kinds of crazy coils on this thing. In addition to having weird features and appearance, it is also an unusual diameter – around 26mm – meaning it’s much bigger than a standard mech mod, and smaller than a 26650 mech mod. Basically this thing was practically invented to be used with the Maraxus mech, which I think is a little garish even for me. To top it all off, it comes with probably the most ridiculous drip tip I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a picture of the guts to get a better feel for how the posts are set up:


What I DIDN’T like about the Lotus Clone

It’s my own fault for not looking at the diameter to begin with, but I was blown away by how big this thing was when I received it. I was expecting something MUCH smaller.

For me, the size is a pretty big deal. It is too wide to really look good on a normal sized 18650 mech, and when I attached it to my Paps, it looked more like a brass penis than any other e-cig I have ever seen – and there are definitely other phallic looking e-cigs. This one really takes the case.

In addition to appearance, the large size also means a much larger chamber. I have always felt that a smaller chamber helps increase flavor production and also helps to make the vape warmer, both things I tend to prefer from any device. The huge chamber on this piece does seem to mute the flavor and I definitely feel like you get a MUCH cooler vape from the Lotus than you would from most standard RDAs.

Another thing I really don’t get is the post configuration. I like the fact that it’s something a little different than the norm, but I just cant make a lot of sense out of it. The bottom airhole for the “flavor control” feature doesn’t seem to be correctly positioned so that it is underneath any coil, in fact it’s in a position where it is pretty much as far away as it could possibly be from any coil. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

Design aside, there are also some other flaws. The top cap seems to come loose in several places, and with such a huge piece it really doesn’t seem right to have it wobbling around all the time. Additionally, the top cap slides around really easily meaning if you actually figure out a way to use the “flavor control” you’re going to constantly have to make sure that the bottom airhole hasn’t shifted and closed up.

What a pain in the ass.

Worst of all is the atrocity of a drip tip this thing comes with. You can see it in the picture above, and after seeing it in person I can confirm that it’s actually even worse in person than it looks in the picture.

What I DID like about the Lotus Clone

Hmm. Well there really wasn’t a ton that I liked about this piece, unfortunately.

I guess the best thing is that there is a LOT of room inside the atomizer to build all kinds of crazy coils. In fact I have guinea pigged a couple different types of coils that take up a lot of space and it has worked out decent.

The holes in the posts are pretty good size – I was able to get a 32 gauge parallel coil through them easily. Now  that’s not nearly as big as say a 28 gauge parallel coil, so maybe that’s not saying much.

Probably the best thing about this atomizer is that it seems to be the perfect companion to the Maraxus mechanical mod. Now I was never too impressed with the Maraxus to begin with so it doesn’t mean much to me but I know there are people out there that love it and for those people – this one’s for you!

Who is it good for?

I would say this is really only good if you are planning to pair it with the Maraxus. Otherwise I’m sure I could easily recommend a better RDA for just about any application you “think” this thing would be good for.

Where to buy?

Get it here for $13.38 with free international shipping.

Do I use it?

I’ve given it a shot. Other than using it for building huge, crazy coil setups that need a big chamber to fit into, this thing is pretty much worthless to me. Now that I’ve got a 26650 sized atomizer with a normal post setup, I probably wouldn’t even consider the Lotus for that application anymore because really all the posts in there just tend to get in the way more than anything. If you really need a ton of posts, there are better atties for that too.

The Bottom Line

Quality. The quality is OK. I wouldn’t say it’s horrible because there are some nice parts and other than the loose top cap everything seems to be pretty solid. That said, I’m not super impressed with anything about this, and I think there are much better quality choices for $13.

Performance. I think the airholes are just too shitty on this device. I haven’t ever gotten an airflow alignment in this thing that I am comfortable with. I have had some builds that are passable, but not by much and not enough to compete with even a standard RDA build.

Ease of use. If an RDA that is easy to use is important to you, then this ain’t gonna work for ya. The posts are crazy and difficult to work with, particularly when you start putting in multiple coils. I found that the post hole alignmnent was causing me a lot of problems getting the coil attached – and that was only in a single coil setup! You’ll also constantly have to be adjusting the airflow, and dealing with the wobbly cap. Not worth the hassle at all UNLESS you really want this thing for your Maraxus.

Appearance. At first I thought this thing looked cool – when I thought it was small. Once I saw the actual size of it I was fairly horrified. It really just does not look good at all and on a standard mech it’s about as phallic an appearance as you will ever find.

Price. For $13, I think this is pretty much a terrible deal. You could get just about any other RDA clone for around this price and unless you want this for a Maraxus, I can’t think of any reason why you would want this thing.

Overall. I’m really not a fan at all, as you can probably tell. I do give whoever designed this credit for thinking outside the box, and I have to imagine that the original is far better than the clone, but the overall concept just doesn’t seem practical to me at all and again unless you want this thing to go with your Maraxus for appearance reasons only, I can’t think of any good reason to ever even consider buying one.

Lotus RDA Clone Review
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