Origin Mechanical Mod Clone Review


Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Origin mech mod clone. This is another fairly typical mech mod with some nice features. It has multiple tubes to support different battery sizes, features a copper bottom contact, and magnetic locking. It also can be converted to use the Aqua RBA as a hybrid, which is a plus. One important thing to note is that it is only 21mm while the most common atomizer size is 22mm, so a lot of the most popular atomizers won’t sit flush – however the Aqua does.

What I DIDN’T like about the Origin

The thing I hated the most about this piece, by far, is that the 18650 tubes seem to be fucked up. What I mean by that, is that it is really difficult to get any 18650 battery to sit correctly in it. I have probably 5 different types of 18650 batteries on hand, and I couldn’t find a single one that was a good fit for the Origin – nipple or flat top. Since I basically only use mechs in 18650 mode, it is pretty much useless to me. Now I did eventually get it to work with an 18650 battery, but it didn’t sit well inside and there was a noticeable rattle.

Another big problem is the fact I hinted at above, that it is only 21mm, which is 1mm short of what a standard atomizer size is. That means if you want to run any other atomizer besides an Aqua, it is going to look very phallic.

I also wasn’t crazy at all for the locking mechanism. It has a very small, almost washer-sized locking ring that I found really difficult to easily move up and down. It just didn’t seem well thought out to me at all.

What I DID like about the Origin

The firing button is pretty well done. It’s super smooth, feels good when you push it and doesn’t have any crunching.

The copper bottom contact is a nice plus, and you get a silver pin when you run it in hybrid mode with the aqua.

The overall appearance is really quite nice, and the art is nicely done.

Who is it good for?

The battery issues with this one are way too much for me to even want to bother with it. The only real way I could see this being a good idea is if you pretty much only use the Aqua atomizer and you are willing to spend the time figuring out a way to get it to fit your battery correctly. If you do that then it’s a pretty nice piece. Otherwise, pretty much any mech would be a better look than this one.

Where to buy?

Get it here on Fasttech for $18.11 shipped

Do I use it?

Nope. I gave it a good try. I really like my Aqua and I very much wanted to make this work, but I just could not get the battery situated to a point where I was comfortable with it. Plus the shaky locking ring would make me very hesitant to want to take this out with me anyway, so in general it just is not the right mech for me.

The Bottom Line

Quality. The parts are all very nice, and it has a quality switch and a copper firing pin. That’s pretty much where the fun stops. There’s nothing worse than having to putz around with a mech for a half hour trying to get it to fit a battery correctly, and an iffy battery is a big concern when dealing with mech mods.

Performance. When you can get it working, it’s your basic upper-tier mech. Nice contacts for conductivity, nice firing button.

Ease of Use. There’s seriously nothing I hate more than not being able to get a mech mod working easily. I have tried countless mechs and really there are only a few that I have had problems getting set up correctly. Out of all of them, this was probably the biggest hassle and I never did manage to get it to a point I was comfortable with.

Appearance. Its really a nice looking mod. I like the clean stainless look, the embellishments are nice, and it looks really slick with an Aqua attached.

Price. For $18 there are much better options. My Launcher would kick the shit out of this mod all day long, and that’s just the first one that came to mind. Unless you plan to use the hell out of this thing in conjunction with an Aqua, there is really no reason to spend this kind of money on it. There are MUCH better options.

Overall. I bought the Origin originally because I liked the look and wanted to get it rigged up with an Aqua. Unfortunately the poor design prevented me from ever really bringing it to fruition. I’m sure the original is MUCH better, and there are probably even better clones out there at this point, but since I don’t use the Aqua that regularly anyway, it’s just not worth it for me. Unless you are a crazy Aqua fan, I would completely avoid this and go another way.

Origin Mechanical Mod Clone Review
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