Smokecignals: Snacky S’mores Review


When it comes to ejuice, I’ve found that you can rarely go wrong with graham cracker style flavors. What makes them even better? Combining them with marshmallow and chocolate. That’s exactly what I’ve got today with Smokecignals’ Snacky Smores. Here’s what they say about it:

It took us 16 different versions and variations of this flavor before we discovered the perfect combination that makes you want SMORE.

First Impressions

This juice has a dark orange color in the bottle and smells of graham and vanilla. I’ve got it at 18mg in a 65/35 blend.

When I “drafted” this batch of Smokecignals juices for the next juice battle, I had a preconceived notion that this might be the pick of the litter. As I mentioned above, I’ve always found graham vapes to be a nice, safe choice and they are rarely bad. I’ve been vaping this juice on and off for well over a month. I started out liking it immensely, and while I still like it on some level, I don’t think it is good as I originally thought, particularly after trying some very high end graham flavors this summer.

The Bottom Line

Taste. This juice has all the elements you would expect from a Smores flavor – a healthy dose of graham, a nice vanilla/marshmallow undertone and slight hints of chocolate here and there. In general, they combine nicely to form a solid smores vape. What I’ve found, over time, however is that this juice has kind of an unusual note in it that makes it a little unsettling. I would equate it to an almost cardboard-like flavor. It’s present across the entire vape, and while it doesn’t exactly ruin it, it makes it feel a little cheap.

True to Description. The main players are all present and well balanced. The only problem I have with the accuracy is that I feel it has an unwanted note coursing through the entire vape, that does make it come off as low-end. If it were a tad smoother, I think it would have been perfect.

Throat Hit. I love the throat hit on this juice at 18mg, and I’ve vaped this one all day long on several occasions and it’s stayed strong and sharp for the whole ride.

Quality of Vape. Overall I would say that while it has a good flavor, it has kind of an artificial vibe to it that does bring down the overall quality. After trying some more high end graham options, I can see a stark contrast between this juice and some of the top shelf competitors out there. Performance-wise, I really liked both the throat hit and vapor, and even despite the odd artificial tone, I think this one is a solid vape.

Overall. Basically, this is a poor man’s graham cracker/smores vape. There are some high end options out there that completely blow this one away, yet in general this juice is still pretty tasty and quite vapable. I probably wouldn’t buy it again, but you can’t really go too wrong with it either.


Check it out here:

Smokecignals: Snacky S’mores Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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