MBV Gwar Fluids: Jizmoglobin Review


Next up in my series of Gwar Fluids reviews is Jizmoglobin, and as you can see this 30ml bottle definitely follows the trend I have set with the other MBV juices of being almost entirely empty now that review time has finally come around.

Here’s what they say about it:

From our newest specialty line “GWAR Fluids”: Jizmoglobin. A creamy blueberry blend with notes of nut and custard. Each bottle of Jizmoglobin is freshly harvested by Skulhedface herself.

This juice is a deep blue in color and smells strongly of cream and blueberries in the bottle. I’ve got it at 18mg.

First Impressions

Jizmoglobin is another one of those juices where I could easily tell just from the initial smell that it was likely to be a winner, and the taste surely did not disappoint. I’ve had quite a few blueberry vapes in my time, many of which are quite good – as blueberry seems to be a very adaptable flavor to vaping, and Jizmoglobin is absolutely near the top. It has a strong blueberry presence, and I would liken the overall flavor to a blueberry muffin. While they don’t really advertise it that way, I think it definitely has a strong cake-type component to it, where it draws a great deal of its personality from.

Vape-wise, this one is just as good, if not better, than all the other Gwar Fluids I have reviewed so far. I’m getting a killer throat hit and great vapor from it running on a SMY God 180 mod at around 45 watts with a single 0.5 ohm microcoil on a mutant clone using full airflow.

The Bottom Line

Taste. I’ve had the pleasure of sampling quite a few blueberry vapes, and out of those, a good number of blueberry muffin vapes. Jizmoglobin not only stacks up great with the field, it pretty much crushes it. The taste is rich and thick – giving off almost a syrup-y vibe. Thick, heavy, sweet flavor is not always something I want to vape, but it is one of those things I do get in a mood for now and then, and this is the perfect juice to satisfy that urge. The blueberry flavor comes through very well – not overly sweet, no perfume or unwanted flavor, and very well balanced. The other strong component in this juice is what I would call the cake or dough flavor. This is what, for me, really makes it scream “blueberry muffin”. I would say this is pretty much a dead on blueberry muffin flavor. If it were going in any direction other than that, I would say it is almost verging on a cereal flavor – quite close actually to Captain Crunch. So while I found this one to be quite rich, and it is quite possible you could burn out temporarily on it, the overall flavor is really fantastic.

True to Description. I think Blueberry Muffin or Captain Crunch would have maybe been a better way of describing the flavor rather than billing it as more of a blueberries and cream type of flavor. While it does have kind of a creaminess about it, it really has a strong dough/cake side to it which I think takes it in another direction from blueberries and cream, which I would find to be quite a bit more subtle compared to this juice. So overall it’s really splitting hairs, because if you’re into blueberries with a twist, you’re going to find this juice to be right on the money.

Throat Hit. I already pretty much covered this in the intro – great overall throat hit, no issues with it whatsoever.

Quality of Vape. Great flavor, great performance all around – this juice really does not disappoint. The one thing I will say about it is that it is very thick – VERY THICK. I’ve been nursing the last 1/3 of my bottle exclusively over the last 3-4 days and I haven’t had too many issues from it, but I have to admit that I don’t think I would be able to continue vaping it exclusively much longer as it is really a very strong flavored juice. So while I don’t think this is always a bad thing, there are definitely times when you will want to reach for something a little lighter, and this juice absolutely does have the potential to burn you out fairly quickly.

Overall. I think this is a great juice overall. The flavor is totally pure and devoid of any kind of unwanted artificial notes or dryness and it really vapes amazingly well. I have had quite a few blueberry vapes in my time, and I really do feel that Jizmoglobin is a cut above. While I don’t necessarily think it’s all-day-vape material, this is a great one to have in the arsenal when you want a change of pace, and I do think it would have a very broad appeal.

Highly Recommended.

Check it out here: http://www.mtbakervapor.com/nicotine-juice/jizmoglobin/

MBV Gwar Fluids: Jizmoglobin Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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