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Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the quintessential NET vapes out there – Goodejuice’s Patriot Tobacco. Here’s what they say about it:

This flavor is a salute to our country and servicemen and women here and abroad. We extract Natural Tobacco flavor from Louisiana Perique, Virginia Burley, and Kentucky Cavendish. Our new Cavendish tobacco blend adds a depth of natural sweetness that makes this premium eliquid an authentic American tobacco smoking experience. The end result is a full, rich Tobacco flavor that will have you coming back for more! Be prepared to leave your old tobacco habits in the past. This one really satisfies.

This juice has a very light brown color and smells mildly of tobacco in the bottle.

I’ve got it at 18mg.

First Impressions

I had my first foray into Goodejuice’s NET line over 2 years ago when I picked up bottles of their Fire Cured and Natural Perique tobaccos. I liked both of them at the time, and have been wanting to try more ever since. I actually dug up the remaining 15ml of Fire Cured I still had left about 6 weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed vaping through the rest of the bottle, despite the fact that it had been aging for nearly 2 years in my seemingly endless supply of half-vaped bottles of juice.

So I was more than happy to replenish my supply of NETs from Goodejuice, one of which being Patriot Tobacco, a NET I had already heard really good things about.

I started in on my 30 ml bottle of Patriot about 2 weeks ago today, and I’m now down to the last sliver of the bottle left after a great 2 weeks of vaping, so I found it high time to get a review down before the rest of this bottle goes up in a cloud of vapor.

Patriot Tobacco is pretty close to being what I would call the perfect NET. It has all the great qualities I would expect in any naturally extracted tobacco – great authentic tobacco flavor, a notable lack of artificial sweetness and a smooth finish.

Patriot has a super smooth inhale- one of the closest vapes I’ve had to mimicking an actual cigarette. It has a subtle, natural sweetness to it. I normally don’t expect a lot of sweetness out of NETs and while I wouldn’t classify this one as overtly sweet, it has some sweet undertones that help carry you through to the exhale. Kind of like what you would get in a synthetic tobacco flavor, except natural. The exhale brings out some of the rich and unique tobacco notes. At times, it tastes more like a cigarette to me, and at times I pick up cigar undertones from it which help give it more of a sophisticated flavor.

The Bottom Line

Taste. This is easily one of the best NETs I’ve ever had. If someone were to come to me and ask for a recommendation on a juice that was going to give them the closest possible thing to smoking an actual cigarette, I now would easily recommend this juice. While I wouldn’t say it tastes exactly like a cigarette, because it actually has more depth of flavor and is probably more smooth than a cigarette, this juice really gives you that authentic experience that really makes me feel like I’m smoking. Another nice thing about the flavor is that it isn’t super overpowering. Sometimes NETs can have too much true tobacco flavor and come off a little too strong to vape over a long period of time. I’ve had many NETs that I liked, but couldn’t vape for more than a day at the most without having to switch to something less abrasive. The smoothness and natural sweetness in Patriot Tobacco really help give it an enduring flavor that I personally haven’t gotten tired of at all after vaping this 30ml bottle for 2 weeks straight.  I find that this one is really more on the mild and smooth side. If you’re a true NET snob and are after super strong, complex flavor, this one might come off a little light for you, but for the vast majority of vapers, particularly those like me who converted from smoking cigarettes, this vape is about as good as it gets for giving you that true smoking experience in vape form.

True to Description. I’m really not an expert on discerning between periques and burleys and the like, so I can’t speak super in-depth to the presence of those flavors in this vape. I can say that this one does strongly feel like a blend of several different tobaccos, rather than any one particular type, so I believe that they pretty much hit the nail on the head in terms of what they were trying to do.

Throat Hit. Interestingly, the original bottles of Fire Cured and Perique I bought several years ago were at 12mg, and that is likely the primary reason I still had some around. Had they been higher nic to start with I probably would have vaped through them 2 years ago, but at the time I found the throat hit a little light. When I revisited my 12mg Fire Cured about 6 weeks ago, it was in my standard setup I have been using – an SMY GOD 180 mod and Mutant X atty coiled to about 0.4 ohms with full air holes at about 40 – 50 watts. With this particular setup, I actually didn’t have any problem with the Fire Cured at 12mg in terms of throat hit. Maybe it’s the better setup, or maybe my necessity for high nic levels has diminished over the years, but either way I felt that Fire Cured hit great at 12mg, and as such, I found that 18mg on Patriot was just about perfect for me. So definitely no issues at all on throat hit, and if anything, I’ve found that these actually perform pretty well at even 12mg.

Quality of Vape. This is quite simply one of the best vapes I’ve had. It really has quickly become a favorite of mine, and I can see why it is already highly regarded by other vapers. The overall taste is great. It’s smoother than normal for a NET. It actually has a nice bit of natural sweetness that I am not used to always getting from NETs. It has a subtle cigar taste to it on the exhale much of the time which I have really come to appreciate, and it produces big clouds. The vapor also smells pretty decent for a NET. All around, it’s an absolutely great juice.

Overall. The one thing I will say about Patriot is that I did find myself having to change my wick every day or two while I was vaping this juice. I mention this because I spent most of the winter vaping almost nothing but dessert and fruit flavors, and I was shocked at how little I had to change my wick. I believe I had a period where I went at least 2 months without having to change it at all – while cycling through different juices. So when I got to vaping Patriot it did strike me that I was having to change the wick so often. On the flip side, changing my wick only takes maybe a minute to do at the most, and each time I vaped Patriot on a fresh wick it was like falling in love all over again. There is really nothing better than dripping this on a freshly installed cotton wick.

As I said above, this one is easily what I would recommend to people who want something close to actually smoking a cigarette. It’s also a great choice if you’re just getting into NETs and you’re not exactly sure where to start. This juice basically has all the great qualities of a NET and none of the potential bad qualities, so it’s a perfect starting point, and I really feel like this would appeal to almost anyone who has ever smoked a cigarette. Additionally, I’ve had friends who have tried this, who have not liked NETs in the past and found this one to be quite good, so I think that just strengthens the point that this is a great NET starting point, and just an excellent all around juice.

Highly Recommended.

Get it here:

Goodejuice – Patriot Tobacco Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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