Zombies! Ejuice: Zombie Chomp Review


After a long stint vaping NETs, I decided to go back to some more fruity flavors. Today I’ve got one from Zombies! Ejuice. It’s called Zombie Chomp. Here’s what they say about it:

We ran away from a horde of zombies and took shelter in an abandoned candy shop. While salvaging supplies we came across a single batch of vanilla custard, and then added our supply of guava to create a flavor that even the zombies are dying to try!

Flavor Profile: Fresh guava and a smooth vanilla custard.

This juice has a super sweet and juicy guava aroma and is a yellowish orange color in the bottle. I’ve got it at 18mg. I asked the owner and he said that anything 12mg and up they use a 60/40 vg/pg blend.

First Impressions

I’m a big Guava fan and this juice already smelled amazing in the bottle so I figured I would end up liking it before I even gave it a vape. As long as we’re on the topic of the bottle, it’s worth mentioning that they have a kind of cool bottle concept that I haven’t seen anywhere else – I would liken the top cap of the bottle to working the same way a bottle of glue would. I actually really like the way the bottle looks a lot. There were 2 minor issues I had with the bottle – first off, in working with so many other bottles where I have to screw off the cap, I’ve kind of conditioned myself to do so automatically without even looking. So after a couple hours of vaping this, I inadvertently unscrewed the cap without looking and started to squeeze it into my atty – which of course caused about 30% of the bottle to spill out everywhere. I almost did it a second time but I caught myself just in time to avoid another spill. Also, I’ve found that when after you squeeze a few drops of juice into your atty and close up the top, usually a little bit of juice gets left on the end. Not really a big deal for me since I mostly vape at my desk, however if you’re keeping the bottle in your pocket this could easily cause you to get a little juice in your pocket every time.

Even with a couple bumps, I still really liked the bottle a lot and I think overall it’s worth the couple minor issues for the extra cool factor.

Now on to the juice – as I mentioned above, it smells super amazing – juicy, fresh and very fruity. The flavor is really about the same as it smells. If you like Guava, which to me comes off in this juice like a more tropical version of your typical strawberry, then you are really going to like the flavor of this juice.

The Bottom Line

Taste. I give this one a perfect rating for taste. When it comes to fruity vapes, I wish they all tasted as good as this one. The guava flavor really shines and comes off as super juicy. In their flavor profile they describe it as Fresh Guava, and I think FRESH is a perfect way to describe it. It really has a spot on Guava flavor. The overall taste is super consistent from start to finish, not changing much throughout each vape, and there isn’t a trace of any unwanted or artificial notes.

True to Description. The guava component is absolutely spot on. I’ve had the pleasure of trying a couple other guava vapes in the past which I also liked quite a bit, but they don’t hold a candle to this one. On the other hand, the description does mention a smooth vanilla custard component which I really don’t get any of at all. Now in this case, it really doesn’t even matter since the guava flavor is SO good, but I do think it’s worth mentioning that I found this to be a lot more juicy and fruity and really lacking any particular cream flavor. I didn’t really even bother giving them that low of a mark on this one because I think the Guava comes through so well that it doesn’t matter if the custard is there or not.

Throat Hit. Interestingly, they seemed shocked when I asked for this in 18mg. Now every vaper has different nic preferences, and if I had to guess, I would guess that there are probably more vapers out there using 12mg or less, which in my opinion has a much milder throat hit. Personally, I vape primarily for the throat hit, and that is one of the reasons I use it as a criteria when reviewing juices. Unfortunately, for me, I felt this juice had a really light throat hit, even at 18mg.  I’ve actually even been vaping a lot more at 12mg lately, so I feel like my tolerance is down, but in this case I really didn’t get much of a kick at all from it. So while I think it would probably be just fine for anyone who regularly vapes at 12mg and under, if you’re like me and really put a priority on a strong throat hit, you might find this one coming up a little short for you.

Quality of Vape.  I really loved the flavor of this juice. In fact it’s probably one of the best tasting fruit vapes I’ve ever had. Conversely I didn’t think the performance was super stellar. For 18mg, this is probably one of the weakest throat hits I’ve had in quite some time at that nic level. I also found that it seems to not perform stellar at higher wattages. I’ve been vaping this on my main setup I’ve been using for the past 6 months which is a Mutant X at about .4 ohms between 40 and 50 watts. At 50 watts, I’m getting hot hits after the second or third puff. I usually get one or two really good hits after I drip, then it deteriorates pretty fast after that. Before writing this review, I tried bringing it down to 30 watts and it has been performing a lot better in that range, however it also makes the throat hit weaker.

Overall. This one is a tricky one for me because I think it’s one of the best tasting juices I’ve tried this year, but I’m not super crazy for the performance – at least how it works in terms of what I personally like. I think for those who vape lower nic levels and lower power devices, they would have way fewer issues with the performance, and in this case even a few small issues are worth it for how good the flavor is. I’m looking forward to trying more from Zombies! Ejuice – I can tell they really put a lot of effort into coming up with good quality flavors.

Recommended, although if you prefer a stronger throat hit you may want to temper your expectations.

Check it out here: http://www.zombiesejuice.com/zombie-chomp

Zombies! Ejuice: Zombie Chomp Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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