Southwest Mist: Eileen’s Dream Review


I was super excited to get the opportunity to sample a bunch of naturally extracted tobacco blends from Southwest Mist. First up in their lineup is Eileens Dream.

Now this one, I could not currently find on their site so no description. I basically found it to be a mild to medium bodied NET that is more on the smooth side, less on the bitter/strong side.

I’ve got it at 18mg in a 75/25 pg/vg blend.

First Impressions

I started vaping this juice immediately after I polished off my bottle of Patriot from GoodeJuice, another fine NET. While I found Patriot to be a mild to medium bodied NET, I also found it to gain character from rich cigar hints coursing throughout the vape. Eileens Dream, while somewhat similar in overall flavor profile, I felt had less of the sharp tobacco notes, and I generally found it to be a lot smoother and milder overall. I wouldn’t say it’s either better or worse than Patriot – it’s more of a similar juice with a little less of the high pitched flavors mixed in. So while I found Patriot to have a little more character than Eileens Dream, I found Eileen’s Dream to be slightly more smooth. Both are great.

The Bottom Line

Taste. Overall I really liked the flavor of this juice. Now that I have tried a great deal of NETs, I wouldn’t say they showed me anything new with this one. In fact, it’s a little more on the plain side. Sometimes that can be a good thing, as I’ve found a lot of the more fragrant and flavorful NETs tend to quickly wear on me and I can’t vape through them as quickly. I didn’t have that problem at all with Eileen’s Dream. I was able to power through this bottle in just a couple short days, and I found myself enjoying it right down to the last drop. As far as flavor goes, it definitely tastes like your typical NET. I found it to be super smooth across the board and while no particular NET flavors really stuck out to me, I just generally really liked the flavor of this juice and enjoyed vaping it.

True to Description. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a description from their site at the time of writing this, so I can’t give it a fair rating in this category. It definitely tastes like a spot-on NET, so if nothing else, they are well over halfway there as far as this category goes.  While it is on the more mellow side, there’s no mistaking this one is a NET.

Throat Hit. I really enjoyed the throat hit on this juice. I was happy to get it in a 75/25 blend, as I have honestly been preferring higher PG juices lately anyway, and now that I have been using more tanks I would feel a little more comfortable trying this out in a tank with the higher PG – although it’s worth noting that NETs do tend to gunk tanks up fairly quick,  so this is still really more of a dripper’s juice. But overall I felt the throat hit was very good on this juice at 18mg and I would get it again at that level.

Quality of Vape. If you’re really into the unique characteristic tobacco flavors in NETs, you may find this one to be a little plain. Personally I think it is actually just about perfect as a smooth, mellow NET. You get all the great NET flavor without any of the strong overpowering flavor that can sometimes wear you down quickly. When I vape NETS, that is usually my preference, as I am kind of in a situation where I prefer to vape through a full bottle of juice before switching flavors rather than having to switch because I’m burned out on what I’m currently vaping. So I found the flavor to be pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I really like this with the high PG content, and I felt it still put out great clouds while having a strong kick to back it up.

Overall. For being the first juice I tried from Southwest Mist, I was very impressed and it perfectly hit the mark for me. It might not be for every NET fan, but this is the exact kind of NET I can really get behind. I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more juices from their NET lineup. I’m not sure why they don’t have it on their site at this exact moment but I’m hoping they will continue to make this one available.


Check it out here:

Southwest Mist: Eileen’s Dream Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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