Beard Gains: Banana Breading Review

banana-breadingOk today we’ve got yet another from Beard Gains. I only have one Beard Gains juice left after this one to review, so we’re getting to the home stretch.

This one is called Banana Breading, or Gladiator, depending on which title you choose to acknowledge.  I’ve pretty much given up on trying to figure out what the deal is regarding how these are named, why I can’t find any descriptions for them, and why they don’t totally seem to appear on the Beard Gains site. Today I browsed over there to see if I could track this one down and was again unsuccessful. One of the things that is kind of unusual about these is that each juice seems to have 2 different names. In this case, it says Gladiator across the front and Banana Breading down the side of the label.

Now your guess is as good as mine as far as what these 2 different names are for. When I got to their site today, I did actually manage to find the Gladiator juice, however when I clicked into it, it appeared to be a different juice called Banana Candy. Clear as mud, right?

Anyway, you probably get the gist – this is some kind of banana and bread flavored juice. Maybe they have since updated to remove the bread and add candy… Who knows? Either way, I may be writing all this for no reason because this juice might not exist anymore.

At any rate, for whatever reason Beard Gains actually sent me 2 bottles of Banana Breading. I have about 1oml left total in my second bottle, meaning I’ve vaped through a ton of this stuff already.

Like the other Beard Gains juices I’ve tried, it basically performs fantastic. To be quite honest, out of all of the juices from them that I have tried so far, the flavor on Banana Breading is probably the most underwhelming, and yet that still didn’t stop me from vaping through over 50ml of the stuff, despite having plenty of alternatives available.

Taste. It definitely has a banana flavor to it. Normally I don’t care that much for vaping banana, but for whatever reason, this one works out well for me. I think it is because a good percentage of the banana vapes I have tried have all had a heavy candy component to them – like banana runts. While this is OK, they are pretty much all the same in terms of actual taste. This particular one has a more subdued banana flavor and it is less candylike. Does it taste like banana bread? Not really at all. It pretty much just has kind of a mellow banana flavor to it that I find quite nice. Nothing particularly special about the flavor other than for me, it’s mellow enough that I haven’t gotten sick of it in probably 6 weeks of vaping it heavily.

True to Description. I gave them an extra bump because it actually does taste like banana, but overall there’s no real description and I didn’t get any “breading”.

Throat Hit. Out of all the Beard Gains juices, this one is in the top 2 so far for throat hit – probably the best one overall. At 18mg, it hits like a champ and there is no vapor production sacrificed in the process. Great hitting juice overall.

Quality of Vape. It’s interesting because while I really don’t think it tastes that spectacular, I do enjoy vaping it quite a bit. In fact, it’s probably one of the best overall vapes I’ve had so far this entire year. I’m starting to think that sometimes it might actually be better to vape juices that don’t necessarily have a spectacular flavor, but just simply vape well. That is a theory that is probably best saved for a later blog post, but this is definitely one of those juices. Great all around performance and a true pleasure to vape.

Overall. I have no idea if you can even buy this juice anymore. If you can, then I would definitely recommend giving it a whirl – not really because of the taste, but the overall vaping experience seems to be excellent. While I was kind of bummed when I first noticed that THIS was the juice they happened to give me doubles on, it actually turned out great because I happily vaped through all of it and I’m definitely going to miss it once it’s gone.

Recommended, if you can find it.

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Beard Gains: Banana Breading Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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