Beard Gains: Water Pearple Review


Today we’re going to be taking another look at a juice from Beard Gains. This one is called Water Pearple. Not only could I not find a description for this juice on their site, I couldn’t even find this juice on their site at all. In fact, when I visited it today to try and find it, I didn’t see any of the other juices they sent me to review there either.

It’s kind of crazy because overall I think all of the juices I’ve tried from them have been excellent so far, yet I haven’t been able to get a clean description for any of them, and now I’m not even sure if you can still buy any of these or not. Maybe they revamped their line of juices. Maybe I just don’t know how to navigate their site. Maybe I’m writing this review for no reason because I’m the last person to have any trace of this juice laying around. Who knows? Regardless, I try to review every single juice I try no matter how long it takes me to do it, so I will charge forward with my bold opinions on Water Pearple even if I’m the last person on earth who will ever taste it.

To me, the name Water Pearple indicates maybe a watermelon flavor with something “pearple” in it. The closest thing I can think may be grape, since pearple could equal purple and it’s quite plausible that purple could refer to a grape flavor.

But I digress. I’ve been vaping this 30 ml bottle of juice sporadically over about the last month or so. Last night, I went to fill up my tank and realized I only had about 1/3 of a tank worth of Water Pearple left, so I figured it was probably time to plug in a review.

Long story short, I think the flavor of this juice is fantastic. It’s got a very sweet and juicy body to it without coming off as overly strong or thick. I actually don’t really get a lot of watermelon flavor from it at all, so my initial inclination that perhaps the “Water” in the title referred to watermelon may have been incorrect after all. On the other hand, I definitely do get kind of a grape vibe. It’s not super strong like drinking a glass of red grape juice, but it does have a noticeable grape element to it. Out of the 4 juices I have tried from Beard Gains so far, I felt like Melon Cucumber had the lightest throat hit of all. The other 2 – Mashmallow and 1 mysterious juice that I have not yet revealed both had a very strong throat hit. Water Pearple fits right in between. The throat hit feels slightly lighter than the 2 strongest juices I tried, but is definitely stronger than Melon Cucumber. Enough to keep me satisfied, but also making me think I might enjoy this juice just a wee bit more at 24mg rather than 18mg.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Taste. Great tasting juice. I give it a full 100%. There are no off notes in it at all. The flavor is totally unique – a kind of light fruity flavor with just enough grape that you can definitely tell this is supposed to be a grape juice. It doesn’t come off too strong. I’ve vaped this for quite a while and never gotten tired of it. In fact, I’m really pretty bummed that I’m basically taking the last couple puffs off this bottle, and it may be the last bottle of the stuff on earth for all I know!

True to Description. Once again, not only could I not find a description for this one, I couldn’t find it on their site at all. Even when I was doing my first reviews of their juices, there weren’t any real coherent descriptions of the flavors on their site, so this whole thing has been a wonderfully mysterious guessing game to me. I guess they are really pushing the anti-establishment angle and keeping people guessing. While it kind of sucks in regards to trying to squeeze these juices into my rigid review format because I can’t really give it any sort of rating in regards to accuracy, I actually kind of like it. To hell with convention! The review format is arbitrary and fairly irrelevant anyway.  Normally I would leave it as a 50 since there wasn’t really a description, but because I’m guessing pearple may translate to grape, I gave them an extra 10 points.

Throat Hit. Again, not really my favorite in terms of throat hit, but looking back on it, I actually went through several multi-day spans where I vaped nothing but this juice, and had the throat hit been too weak, I never would have been able to do that. So I guess I would leave it as coming off pretty average.

Quality of Vape. One thing I really love about these juices is that while they are max VG, they perform excellently in a tank. I’ve been using nothing but the Aspire sub ohm tanks for about 3 months and during that time I’ve vaped virtually no juices except for these max VG Beard Gains juices in the tanks, and between both tanks, I have only had to replace exactly 1 coil head during that entire time. To me, that is absolutely amazing. Now I have a particular method I use with these tanks that I feel contributes largely to my success in keeping the same coil alive and clean for a long period of time – we’ll save that for another article, but conventional wisdom, at least as far as I know, is that generally max VG juices don’t perform as well in tanks because they don’t wick as fast and tend to gunk up the coil faster. So I absolutely love the fact that I have gotten such excellent performance from these juices. The vapor production is as good as better than any other juice I have ever tried. The throat hit is good enough where I could vape only this juice for the rest of my life and be totally fine. The flavor is quite unique and I have always found it refreshing and something I never get tired of.

Overall. This is a great juice. Hopefully I’m just trippin and this juice is readily available for purchase because I think everyone should try it. If not, maybe you should contact them directly and see if they can still whip you out a bottle. It’s definitely worth it. If I had another bottle I would probably vape that first before cracking one of the literally hundreds of other unopened bottles I have sitting around here. That’s how much I like it.

Highly Recommended.

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Beard Gains: Water Pearple Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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