About Me

I managed to spend 17 years of my first 30 years of life smoking cigs, and I truly loved it. Despite the fact that I loved it, it wasn’t enough to overcome my kids and wife constantly nagging me, feeling like shit from smoking, and the excessive cost, so while I never really WANTED to quit smoking, I always knew the day would come when I would HAVE to quit.

I tried vaping 3 times. The first time was back in 2010. I tried a starter kit from Volcano e-cigs. They were enough to intrigue me, but not enough to get me to quit smoking. In the box they went.

In 2012 I decided to give vaping another go. Back to Volcanoe e-cigs I went. By now, technology was better and I picked up an Inferno starter kit and a Lavatube. Unfortunately I had a setback with my carto tank and I had a really bad experience with their customer support, so while this time I gave it a better shot, again it wasn’t enough to get me to quit smoking and in the box they went.

In late 2012, my kids were relentlessly bugging me to quit smoking, I was actually smoking MORE cigs than I had in years, and I was feeling like shit from smoking. I knew I couldn’t keep it going much longer.

The problem I always had with e-cigs is I knew from the beginning that there was more to it than starter kits. The challenge was cutting through the bullshit and doing the research necessary to figure out how to achieve the outcome I needed to quit cigs through vaping.

One morning in early 2013 I got a hair up my ass to finally get this pinned down and quit smoking cigs forever. I ordered a nice eGo kit and a bunch of other stuff, determined to make it stick this time. When my package arrived, I immediately noticed that the quality was far improved from the Volcano products I had unsuccessfully tried in the past.

Within 2 weeks, I had completely quit smoking cigs. I flicked my last cig out the window of my car after the Superbowl, that Sunday night in Feb 2013 and I haven’t had even a slight desire to smoke again since then.

Of course my journey didn’t end there. It was only the beginning. Just as I knew that the ego kits were a step up from the crappy Volcano cigs I had failed on before, I knew full well that there was a hell of a lot more to e-cigs than egos. By the middle of March, not hardly more than a month later, I had already given all my egos to friends and was on to bigger and better things.

When I “get into” something, I get into it 100%. Most people probably think that someone who’s only been vaping 9 months can’t possibly know that much, but in that amount of time I have given it a tremendous effort. I’ve spent a lot of money, tried out a TON of products and am always chasing the biggest and best clouds possible.

My progression was probably what you would expect – from simple ego batteries and cartomizers to variable voltage devices to mech mods and rebuildable atomizers. I have tried tons of stuff across the board, and my goal with this site is basically to share my findings, help people and possibly make a little scratch on the side to help support my compulsive habit of chasing the next big cloud.