VIP Arcadia Line – 6 Reviewed

I had a chance to sample a handful of juices from VIP Juice’s Arcadia line, and today we’re going to be taking a more in depth look at them. Aphrodite Here’s what they say about it: The Greek goddess Aphrodite is synonymous with passion, love and pleasure. These are the… Read Full Article


Juice Battle 33: Smokecignals Edition

If you read my last Juice Battle, you probably remember I said I was back and would be doing more battles more frequently. Many weeks later, I’m finally back with the next installment. Here’s basically what happened – I had a bunch of these Smokecignals juices left. I’ve been trying… Read Full Article


Juice Battle 32: Zodist Edition

If you follow my blog at all, you will know that last week I came back from about a month-long hiatus. I won’t get too much into detail on it, but basically I just wanted to take a little time off from reviewing new stuff and enjoy the stuff I… Read Full Article


Zodist Eliquid Curation Service – Review

A little under a month ago, I was contacted by Tri Nguyen, co-founder of Zodist asking if I would like to test out their service and submit a review. In the years I have been vaping, I have seen a handful of services like this, and always wondered if they… Read Full Article


Juice Battle 31

It’s that time again… This week I’ve got a pretty diverse lineup of new juices to rate and discuss in a variety of different flavors. I will tell you right off the bat that I really only liked about 3 of these juices, so if you’re one of those people… Read Full Article


Juice Battle 30

Now that summer is here, it seems like the weeks are going by so fast, it’s hard to keep up with my review queue, but I managed to get through 10 new juices last week and here we are back again with another juice battle. This week I’ve got a… Read Full Article


Juice Battle 29

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for another juice battle. Fresh of last week’s tobacco battle, I decided to go another direction this week and ended up vaping mostly fruits. I had a lot of melon, banana and berries to work my way through in the form of 10… Read Full Article


Juice Battle 28: Tobacco Battle II

I’m putting this juice battle together on a Thursday evening. I’m about to head out camping over the long weekend and still want to be able to have this Juice Battle scheduled and ready to drop on Monday, so I busted my ass to carefully evaluate and review 10 unique… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 27

After being late a day on last week’s battle, I actually ended up writing this one a couple days early and scheduling it so I wouldn’t miss another Monday edition. This week I had a really nice selection to choose from from a variety of vendors including quite a few… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 26

I normally try my hardest to get the juice battle ready to publish every Monday, but this week I needed to take an extra day of R&R, so we’ve got a rare Tuesday edition. Last week I had a really diverse group of juices to sample from. There weren’t any… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 25

Time for another juice battle! I had a really nice selection of juices to choose from this week. In fact, only one of the juices I tried turned out to be unvapable and the rest were all pretty decent to some degree. I also got a chance to try out… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 24

Man, these weeks just seem to go by so fast. I’m getting in so much juice, I am probably going to have to expand to more than 10 juices in each juice battle, but at the same time, I have been enjoying some of these so much this week that… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 23

I’m back from a week-long hiatus. I would have loved to pinch out a Juice Battle last week, but my schedule ended up getting really messed up and on top of that I got a nasty bug that put me out of commission for a couple days, so since I… Read Full Article

Spring Break: No Juice Battle This Week

Hey Guys, just wanted to make it official. For only the second time since I started juice battles last year, I am taking a week off. I had some family business to attend to over the last week, and came down with a slight sickness so I wasn’t able to… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 22

Time for another juice battle. Last week I was able to evaluate 10 different juices that will all go head to head today to determine the winners and loser. This week I had a really interesting mix of tobaccos, a couple blueberry flavors and a couple menthol flavors, among other… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 21

This week I was able to review 10 new juices that will all go head today to separate the winners from the losers. I had a nice variety this week with some nice tobaccos, flavorful fruit vapes and a few surprises. I finally switched off my Fatty V3 as my… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 20

Another week has come and gone, and that means it’s time for another juice battle. I was able to get through 10 juices this past week – some very bad, some very good. All in all it was a good field, and this is sure to be an excellent battle.… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 19

Last week I was able to run through 11 new juices that will all go head to head here today to determine the best of the week. Actually, I had thought I only did 10, hence the reason 10 are only in the picture above, but after checking everything back… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 18

Time for another juice battle. Last week I was able to review 10 new juices that will all be going head to head in today’s battle. All around it was a really good week. I got a new Hana DNA20 mod to replace my currently broken Vaporshark, and I also… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 17

Another Monday means time for another juice battle. Last week was a pretty good one. I managed to go through 12 juices and really only a couple of them were true stinkers – despite the fact that I mixed in some of my more “vintage” juices that needed reviewing before… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 16

Last week was probably one of my best weeks vaping ever. I got to review 11 different juices, many of which were very good. In addition, I finally decided to fix my Fatty clone, and once I set up a sick coil on it, it quickly became my go-to RDA… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 15

Time again for another juice battle. I was able to get through 8 juices last week, and they will all go head today to determine the best of the lot. I had a couple from new companies, a couple really original flavors and a couple that weren’t so hot. Overall… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 14

Time again for another juice battle! This week I have 8 juices that I spent the last week evaluating and will all go head to head today. This was a particularly interesting week because really none of the juices I selected were bad at all. In fact it has been… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 13

It’s that time again. After a long week of reviewing custards last week for our first ever custard battle, I was pretty pleased to get back to a wider variety of different flavors to test. This week I banged out 11 reviews for juices from 11 different vendors and found… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 12 Custard Edition

Boy what a week it was. I spent 7 days straight vaping nothing but various custards. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to getting back to some non-custards this week, however it was a lot of fun and I was able to uncover some clear… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 11

Last week was a good one, and we’ve got a fat juice battle today with 10 different juices going head to head. Just a minor note – I am changing the evaluation period for the juices to Monday through Sunday rather than Sunday through Saturday. For whatever reason it seems… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 10

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out some of the reviews on the site recently. I didn’t have a juice battle last week, as I was spending quite a bit of time updating the rating system on juices and hardware in addition to updating various other things to hopefully… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 9

It’s time for another juice battle. Last week was a busy holiday blur, but I still managed to squeeze out 6 reviews that will be going head to head in this week’s juice battle. After a week of tobacco vapes in the first ever Tobacco Battle, I went back to… Read Full Article