Cloupour Cana DNA30 Box Mod Review

I decided to take about a good 4 weeks off from reviewing this summer to spend some time playing around with the existing gadgets and juices I have. During that time, one of the devices I focused on more than any other is my Cana DNA30 clone from Cloupour. When… Read Full Article

Review: Hana DNA20 Clone From Fasttech

Today we’re going to take a look at the Hana DNA20 clone from Fasttech. When these were first released I was pretty excited because I actually owned an authentic Hana DNA20 that looked exactly like this one, so I figured it would be great to do a comparison between the… Read Full Article

Seven 22 Review

Today I’m going to be taking a look at the Seven 22. This is actually the first Chinese variable wattage mod that goes over 20 watts – at least I think it is, chime in below in the comments if I’m wrong. This is actually the precursor to a 30… Read Full Article

Hana V2 DNA 20 Review

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Authentic Hana V2 DNA20 mod. Now a couple of months ago, this was probably the hottest shit going. Since then, the Hana V3 DNA30 dropped and they have been selling for crazy money IF you can even find them, plus… Read Full Article

The Provari – Reviewed

Ahh, the Provari… This wildly popular premium APV made in the USA has been one of the most coveted mods by newbs and veterans and everyone in between. Carrying a price tag of upwards of $150, you may well be asking yourself if it’s really worth it- and that is… Read Full Article

Innovation: Innokin iTaste VTR Review

My last VV/VW device I purchased before the VTR was an SVD at the beginning of summer. It works OK, but is fairly underwhelming and I really don’t care for the look and feel of it. After getting into mechs, there was a time when I actually didn’t know if… Read Full Article

Madvapes 3.7v 14500 Box Mod Review

Here’s a little change of pace from the typical mech mods you see me reviewing often here. This is a 3.7v 14500 Box Mod from Madvapes with the Greenhorn switch. I have actually had this little guy for quite a while. Back at the end of January 13, I decided… Read Full Article

The Innokin SVD

Ok, so this is my first ever review of a VV Mod. I have actually had many since I began vaping. I have had: A V1 Lavatube – My first VV Mod that is sitting in a box An Itaste MVP – My first REAL VV mod that I used… Read Full Article