How to Coil an Aqua RBA

This tutorial has been a long time in the making. I have had my Aqua since around November 13, and have used it on and off since then. I’ve had some great builds in the past, but things didn’t really start to click for me until I really started messing… Read Full Article

Double Barrel Twisted Kanthal Build for a Helio

This tutorial is going to show you how I like to use my Helio clone. I have had 3 different versions of Helio clones now. I hated the first 2 because the adjustable airflow was messed up on both of them, and now finally, the third time was the charm… Read Full Article

How to Coil a 3D Atomizer

Today we’re going to take a look at how to coil up a 3D atomizer. The 3D is a really cool and unique piece. It’s a dripper (RDA) designed to screw directly into a Nemesis making it into a hybrid. Of course you can also get a 510 extension piece… Read Full Article

The 5 Minute Guide to Twisting Kanthal for Atomizer Coils

Thanks to Parallel Coils and Twisted Kanthal Coils, I have not been building a lot of standard microcoils anymore. With vaping, at least for me, there always seems to be new ways of “taking it to the next level”. For me, both parallel and twisted kanthal coils are both considerably better… Read Full Article

How to Set Up Dual Nano Dragon Coils on a Kraken

Ok so the first Kraken tutorial I did had 2 coils right next to each other, and I was incorrectly using the fill hole as a wick hole. When I say “incorrectly”, keep in mind that it doesn’t particularly matter how you set up an atomizer as long as it’s… Read Full Article

How to Set Up Dual Nano Coils on a Patriot RDA

Ok, if you read my stuff with any regularity, you’ll know that I’m more of a single-coil kind of guy. That said, if all I do is single coil builds, you will get sick of reading my tutorials pretty quick, so I’m going to start doing some more multi-coil builds.… Read Full Article

How To Create Your Own E-Pipe for $26

Since I started vaping, I always liked the idea of an e-pipe. I never really smoked a real pipe as a smoker – at least not a tobacco pipe, but I think that pipes have the potential to look a lot more cool than a lot of the mechs and… Read Full Article

How to Coil a T4 BCC Clearomizer

The T4 is a pretty typical bottom coil clearomizer. I’ve actually had this one for quite a while, and it is probably one of my favorite overall BCCs. I particularly like it for the slim design, and the ability to use whatever drip tip you like. It is also compatible… Read Full Article

How to Coil a Nimbus for a DNA 30 Device

Ok today I’ve got a quick and dirty one showing you how I like to coil up a Nimbus for use on a DNA 30 device. Over the past couple months, I have been really into variable wattage, with the DNA20, DNA30 and OKR T/10 devices like the Duke.  When… Read Full Article

How to Build a Fatty Microcoil on a Fatty V3

So I got my Fatty V3 clone from Fasttech a while back and while I really liked it, the airflow ring on it was so loose that it was impossible to vape in that state. Well, I finally decided to get down and dirty and get ‘er all fixed up… Read Full Article

How to Coil an Evod

If you’re ready to start getting more from your Evods, and rid yourself of the extra hassle and expense of buying replacement heads, now is the time to learn how to recoil your own! What You’ll Need An Evod. Please get an authentic one. I have tried some knock offs… Read Full Article

Vaping 101: How to Change the Coil Head on Your Evod

This guide is primarily targeted towards people who are very new to vaping. SO… You’ve been vaping for a little while now, and you like your Evod setup a lot, but it’s time to change the coil. Maybe it’s tasting a little too funky now? Maybe a little burned? Maybe… Read Full Article

Vaping 101: The Anatomy of an Evod

The Evod has been one of the most popular and widely used atomizers for quite some time now. It’s great for beginners due to its amazing simplicity and ability to change coil heads inexpensively. It can also be good for more advanced vapers who aren’t afraid to do some tinkering.… Read Full Article

How to Set Up a Basic Wick and Coil on an Igo-L

The Igo-L is a rebuildable dripping atomizer that is both incredibly simple to use, and performs amazingly well. It was one of the first RDAs I ever tried, and it is still the one I am most often reaching for. This tutorial will show you how to do a simple… Read Full Article

How to Set Up a Basic Chimney Coil on a Kayfun

I’ve been absolutely loving my Svoe Mesto Kayfun clone that I got from Fasttech. Besides the Rocket, this was the first true Kayfun clone I have ever worked with, and I was immediately dazzled by the simplicity and performance. I have had a chance to use this now since about… Read Full Article

A Guide to Coiling a Cotton U-Wick on a Bliss RBA

Last week I got my Bliss Clone in the mail. The Bliss is a genesis RBA, similar to the Steam Turbine. It is a little more boxy looking, but has similar tank design and the atomizer deck is the same. Performance wise, the biggest difference between the two out of… Read Full Article

An Illustrated Guide to Coiling an IGO-W

Ahhh… The IGO-W. Simple. Effective. What more can you ask for? I am a big fan of both the IGO-L and the IGO-W. I haven’t used my W in a while so I decided to pull it out and whip up this illustrated guide to coiling it quick and perfect.… Read Full Article